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Aviator Predictor is a popular casino game across the world; however, our Aviator App is only available in – India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Aviator by Spribe is becoming more popular as the day passes. In the Indian market we have noticed the trend of crash and crash games performing better as the market shifts from sports into casino games slowly. In the tables below, we have found keyword and data from the KWfinder tool which shows the monthly searches and the trend in the Indian industry.

This image shows that the Aviator Casino Game in India had started to perform since October 2021 and then the volumes hit another trajectory from July 2023. This shows that the games popularity in terms of search volumes is increasing, and more people are searching for the game online. This more importantly shows that internet users are directly searching for the game instead of finding it as an option on online casino sites.


In terms of the market trend of the aviator casino game in India you can see that search volumes for all related keywords have also jumped in recent times.

Further, looking at the state wise popularity in India for aviator casino game on Google Trends, we see that the most popular places to play the game are – Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Gujrat, Rajasthan and Uttarakhan.

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You can play Aviator Predictor in Pakistan also and the game is very popular in the country. Similarly, the its neighbouring country we see that crash and cash games in the country are becoming more popular with the aviator plane taking off to new peaks!

When we look at historical search volumes for Aviator Related keywords on our data tool for Pakistan, we see that the game has had a fast increase in searches in the country which is leading players to directly play the game for real money.

However, if we have a look at the market trends for the game, we see that it is reducing in terms of relative popularity in Pakistan. This means that even though Aviator game is very popular in Pakistan, in terms of relative popularity it is not as high as before.

When it comes to the states in Pakistan which like to play Aviator Predictor on Google Trends (which shows popularity for search terms), we see that the game is mainly played in 2 states – Punjab and Sindh.

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Again, just like its neighbour – India; and Pakistan, crash and cash games are very popular in the country of Bangladesh. Spribe’s Aviator Predictor in Bangladesh is a game which is often played as shown in the data by KWfinder tool and Google Trends below.

Even though the search volumes for Aviator casino game related keywords spiked in Bangladesh after September 2022, the game is still very popular and often played in the country and with it again rebounding in July 2023. This again shows that lot of users are directly searching for the casino game.

Monthly Data

We see that the trends for Aviator Game and Aviator Predictor is falling in terms of relative popularity. This would show that the game is as popular as before and there is not a change in increase of popularity of the game before, it is just the same.

As per Google Trends we see that the game is mostly popular in the Chittagong Division of the country. However, when we checked for other keywords related to Aviator Predictor in Bangladesh we saw that there was massive popularity in – Rajshahi Division, Rangpur Division, Khulana Division and Dhaka Division as shown below.